Sweater Quantity of Fibre

Sweater Quantity of Fibre

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Do you need multiple skeins of a colorway for the project you have in mind? Now you can order 4+ braids of these Fireweed Fibre co colorways on your choice of fibre base to be dyed just for you! 


Please select the number of braids and your preferred fibre base. Once your order has been received, I will contact you via email regarding your colorway selection and finalize the details of your order.  If you would like a sweater quantity of batts (400g or more), please email me at fireweed.fibreco@gmail.com so we can discuss your options.


Click here if you would like a sweater quantity of yarn


Available fibre bases:

targhee combed top: 80% targhee, 10% bamboo, 10% tussah silk | 100g | 24 microns, 100 mm staple


polwarth combed top: 100g | 22-25 microns, 125-175 mm staple


To learn more about the colorways currently available, please click here. To learn more about the fibre bases currently available, please click here.